Motivational Monday

Monday has come once again. Always following the weekend. Monday will always come but motivation will not. Today is one of those days for me. Since the moment I have stepped out of bed I new it was gonna be a slow Monday. I know we all have these days weather there on a Monday or not we just cannot find motivation. So I am going to share with you how I try to create motivation.

Most of us work a consistent job schedule myself included and most days knowing that we have to get up knowing most of our day is going to be filled with work. Personally to me that is not motivational. So what I do is think about what I want to do after work. I know that when I am not working at my job I need to make the most of my time.

Get a good start to every day!

First I get a cup of coffee and my planner. This could be an actual planner, your phone, a note pad, anything you choose. All it needs to be is somewhere you can make a list and keep handy to look at it later. Personally I like a planner but you have to choose what works best for you. Then I take the 10 or 15 minutes I need to enjoy my cup of coffee and plan my day.

I take one day at a. I start by filling out everything I have to do that week. Pay bills, appointments, meetings, ect. Next I fill out my other ‘needs’ groceries, laundry, etc. for that day. Then I work on my ‘wants’. I reward my self with my wants once I complete my needs. So crafting, tv, painting my nails, ect. I found doing this not only motivates me but it lays out a plan for my day. It shows me what I need to do and help me prioritize my time.

I repeat this process when I get to work only much quicker. I am lucky to have a pretty laid back work environment where I have to prioritize my own day. So I look at my work calendar and prioritize my tasks. This helps me to see what I need to do that day and what I can work on for the next day if I have time.

By planning my days and listing it all out I can see what needs to be done and see what I have completed. The important thing is to keep things realistic. Do not make a long list of tasks to complete if you know you won’t have time to finish them. I also found this has helped to to be more productive and spend more time doing what I want because we all need to take a break from the hustle of life to do what we love. I do this every day not only days that I need motivation.

Inspire yourself.

On the days I need a little extra motivation I will spend my time before work or during lunch finding motivation. I search for inspiring photos, quotes, activities, songs, ect. I like to create a motivation board. It sometimes has a focus and other times is just what ever I want it to be. It can be for the day or the week or month or how ever long you want. I try not to do any longer than a week because I tend to forget about it. I usual search Pinterest to find pictures and quotes to post on my ‘board’. Then I open them in photoshop and create a photo collage ad get creative. This is something to create focus with little energy and effort. It is something that you can put as little or much energy into and make about anything.

Here is what I made today. None of these photos are mine and they can all be found on Pinterest this is for motivational purpose. The main focus is self improvement though health and wellness. It also motivates me to keep up with those things so I am in good shape for my wedding. I also added the succulents in coffee mugs because they are so cute and are a possible craft.

This took me probably 15 minutes but it helps me to see the goals I have set and to stay focused on them. These are things I want to focus on this week but next week my board could be completely different. I hope this helps you find your motivation.

Meal Prep: Spicy Chicken Burrito Bowl

Spicy Chicken Burrito Bowls are easy to make and are great for a family meal or meal prepping. This recipe can easily be changed to fit your personal likes and dietary needs. Burrito bowls are my favorite to meal prep because they can be made so many different ways and are fast and easy to make. They also can have very few ingredients and can be very cheep to make. The total cost for all the ingredients I list below was about $20 so it equals out to be $2 a meal.

This recipe makes ten servings. I only meal prep one meal of my day, so the qualities I am using makes 5 meals for my boyfriend and I. His meals are slightly larger than mine so if you are making them all the same size you may get more or less meals. I also do not put peppers in his meals so you may want to use more than two peppers.

  • 3 Cups of brown rice
  • 2 green peppers
  • 1 extra large white onion
  • 5 pounds of chicken breast
  • Hot chunky salsa
  • 2 packs of taco seasoning (1 hot and the other low sodium)
  • 1 can of corn
  • 2 cans of low sodium black beans

  1. Start by cooking your chicken in the hot taco seasoning. I take my chicken breasts and cut them in half so each piece of chicken is about a half pound. I cook mine in a pressure cooker because it only takes 20 minutes to completely cook all of the chicken. When cooking the chicken in the pressure cooker make sure to add plenty of water so the chicken will be juicy and tender.
  2. While my chicken is cooking, I take a medium sauce pan and boil water for my brown rice. I make the amount of rice based on the suggested serving size and multiply it by ten since I am making ten meals. Simply cook the rice following the instructions provided on the package. Minute rice is the fastest this time I accidentally got the kind of rice that takes 45 minutes to cook but it worked just fine.
  3. While I have those both going I prep my papers and onions. I just chopped them up into large chunks. Then in a large skillet I heated up some olive oil. Next sautéed my peppers and onions in the low sodium taco seasoning. I sauté them separately since my boyfriend does not like prepares but you can do them at the same time. You can also use other colors of peppers as well.
  4. Once the vegetables and rice are finished cooking I turn the stove off and let them cool. While they are cooling I open all my cans and strain my black beans and corn.
  5. When portion out all my ingredients I portion them out so they are all equal. I do not measure anything. I know that each container gets a half of chicken breast then I work from there. I take tablespoon full of my beans and corn. I put one spoonful in each container then portion out the remaining. I do the same for the rest of the ingredients.
  6. After portioning them all out I let them cool then add lids and put them in the refrigerator for the week.

This recipe can be easily changed and altered. I like making this and adding different ingredients to keep things different. By simply changing some of the ingredients this is a great base recipe for meal prepping. If you want to see more of what I eat follow me on Instagram!

10 Tips for Keeping Healthy

Four months ago many of us set the New Years resolution of getting healthy, loosing weight, or something along those lines. My personal goal is to create a healthy life style and look good for summer. Now that springs here we are looking at our progress and may not be happy with how we are doing so far. So I am going to share with you ten tips of things I do to keep healthy.

1. Eat Clean

Personally what I eat affects how I feel. So I try to eat real whole foods. I make sure to have plenty of fruits and vegetables in my house. I also avoid buying food I know I shouldn’t have. Then when I want ice cream or candy I have to go out of my way to get some.

2. Drink ALOT of water

Water is liquid gold. Drinking water has so many amazing benefits that we often forget about. Not only does our body need it to function but it does so much more. Water helps with hair growth, weight loss, clear skin, and digestion, just to name a few. A glass of water in the morning helps to wake you up and a glass of water before bed helps prevent heart attacks.

3. Exercise

You don’t have to hit the gym every day for three hours to get healthy. You actually don’t have to go to the gym at all. When it comes to exercise any type of physical activity is better than none. The most important thing is that you are having fun and enjoy the exercise you are doing. My favorites are going for walks, going to trampoline parks, and swimming. There is so many forms of exercise that you could do outside the gym that you may have never thought of.

4. Sleep

Yep thats right! Getting the proper amount of sleep can keep you healthy. Try to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep. Getting to little or to much sleep can have negative effects on your body.

5. Wash your hands

Some water, soap, and time can boost your immune system and fight of harmful germs.

6. Stay Social

Keep healthy physically and mentally. Avoid turning inwards and keeping to yourself. Try to make time for friends and family and spend time with them. I try to see a person and create a social interaction outside my house or work at least once a week. Plus taking the time to hang out with friends and family is a great break from other things you may have going on.

7. Be positive

Again with mental health. Keeping positive mentally with help keep you healthy physically. I find as soon as I have negative thought about something in my life I automatically doom myself from succeeding. I would rather fail because I could truly not do something then fail because I was negative in my mind and it reflected in my body.

8. Keep things neat and organized

We all have our own standards when it comes to keeping things neat and organized but by following those guidelines we will help keep things in balance. I know personally when my room is a mess it effects my sleeping and productivity. By keeping things neat and organized I am not stressing about the mess and I am able to focus on other parts of my life.

9. Don’t Stress

Having stress effects us not only mentally but physically as well. So make sure to do what you can to relieve, reduce and avoid stress. If you have stress about something you cannot control then stay social and talk with a friend or professional about it.

10. Love

Have a supportive relationship! Weather it be with a family member, friends, significant other, or even activity. Doing what you love is important.