How to Make Boho Tassel Garland

In this DIY I am going to teach you how to make a tassel garland that has a boho style. This DIY is quick, easy, and requires very little supplies. I bought most of my supplies from Jo Ann Fabric.

Supplies you will need:

  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • ribbon (2 yards)
  • lace trim (I used three different types at 2 yards a piece)
  • yarn (I used white, cream, and speckled tan)
  • fabric (I found a precut half yard remnant)

To achieve the boho look to my tassel garland I used all white cream and tan materials. I also chose to use lace trims but that can easily be replaced with ribbon or any other material. I bought the lace trim on the spool and had the material counter cut me two yards. When I actually sat down to make my tassels I wish I would of bought more lace so if you plan to make all lace tassels I would recommend getting at least six yards of each lace trim and ribbon.  

I used the piece of cardboard to wrap the yarn and fabric around to keep a consistent tassel length. I chose to make my tassels eight inches long so my cardboard is eight inches by four inches. The width of the cardboard doesn’t matter as long as it is wide enough to wrap your materials around.

After cutting the cardboard I cut the ribbon and lace into 12 inch pieces. Take the lace and ribbon and fold it in half then cut to make measuring quick and easy. After that unfold your fabric and measure along the edge that has the bias. This will be the edge that has wording or is slightly different to the rest of the fabric. I took my ruler and a pen and marked one in sections. Then cut the edge enough to get my tear started. Next I just ripped my fabric into one inch strips. I chose to rip the fabric to get the boho look and to also save time.

Now that all the materials are prepped it is time to make the boho tassel garland.

To make the lace tassels I gathered a few strips of the lace trim and ribbon and folded it in half to create a loop. I didn’t use a specific number of pieces just enough to get the desired thickness of tassel I wanted. At the tope of the loop tie a piece of yarn and leave a tail. This is what you will use to attach the tassel to the garland. About an inch down form the top of the tassel I took another piece of yard and wrapped it around the tassel and tied it off. I think this gave the tassel a more appealing look but that step is completely optional.

For the fabric and yarn tassels, I simply took the material and wrapped it around the long part of the cardboard. By labeling the bottom of he cardboard I knew where to start wrapping and where to cut. This prevented  me from having a piece of my tassel fall out. After wrapping the cardboard with the desired amount of material I cut the end then cut all the material at the bottom. Once again creating a loop at the top. Just like before tie a piece of yarn at the top leaving a tail and tie a piece about an inch down.

Once all of the tassels are made it is time to attach them to the garland. I decided to connect all of my tassels together with yarn. Taking the three different yarns I braided them together to create a thicker strand. To attach the tassels  I spirited one piece of yarn from the braid an tied it to the single piece. This prevented the tassel from sliding up and down the braid. I estimated the distance in-between the tassels then filed in any spaces after I hung my tassel garland up.

The amount of material and tassels you will need is going to depend on the length of your garland and the size of your tassels. I hung mine above my 7 foot couch creating two loops. I created a total of 30 tassels and ended up only using 23. My tassels were spaced about 4 to 5 inches apart.

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