Life Update: We Got a Puppy

I would like to first apologize for being away for long. My fiancé and I got a new puppy a few weeks ago and he has taken up most of time and attention. Now that we have adjusted I’m back.

Meet our puppy, Kona. Kona is a 16 week old boxer lab mix. We adopted him from a rescue organization. He is one of three pups in his litter and was the last to be adopted. 

Conner, my fiancé, and I knew we wanted a puppy but ended up getting one a lot sooner than we planned. We were waiting until after our wedding but we felt that now was the right time. We started looking at shelters and humane societies. Conner and I met several pups but non of them felt right.

The day we met Kona we knew he was the one. The organization he was with was a foster organization. So he was staying with his sister at a fosters house until he was adopted. The organization named him Jughead like the character fro Riverdale. We decided to change his name to Kona.

When we first met him his fosters brought him in this tiny crate. He came crawling out because it was to small but ran right up to us. He was excited and very friendly. We fell in love immediately and knew right then that he was our puppy. We adopted him and got to bring him home that day. Leading up to the visit we knew we could take him that day so we were prepared with everything we needed. I will be posting about poppy essentials very soon incase you are getting a puppy any time soon. 

We have now had Kona for 2 weeks and 2 days. We are very lucky because he was crate trained and pretty much house trained when we got him. He has only had a couple accidents but that is to be expected. When we got him he weighed 26 pounds but has grown so much since then. I am excited to share with all of you our pups journey and give you pupdates as Kona continues to grow.

All About Kona

Kona loves to eat, sleep, and play. His first couple days with us he was pretty closed off and seemed lost. He slept almost all day and was pretty timid. The third day he really opened up. Kona is a very happy puppy. He loves to play and cuddle. Kona has his own big dog bed but chooses to snooze on the couch with us. He loves all his toys and is happy to play by hime self going for one toy to the next. 

Kona has recently started teething so he chews a lot. He is very good and chews only on his toys and sometimes us. Rope toys are probably his favorite type of toy but he loves to play with all toys, except the frisbee. He is afraid of it. 

He acts just like a baby.

Kona is curious and timid. He really likes to inspect new things throughly before interacting with it. When he got him he had never been on a leash or outside of his fosters house and yard before. He wouldn’t move on the leash so we had to carry him. When we tried to take him on his first walk every time a car would drive by he would sit right next to us until it passed. He still does this. He likes to explore inside and outside the house.

Kona does great riding in the car. He just lays in the seat or on the passengers lap and sleeps. He still needs help getting in and out. Kona also is still learning the stairs. All of the stairs in our house are wood so they are slippery for him. He will go up and down the stairs to get in and our of the house. He will not go up or down the stairs leading to our upper floor and basement. Over all Kona is a very clumsy puppy. He has long legs and big paws that he doesn’t quite have control of yet. Its very funny to watch. He likes to roll and summersault while playing. His favorite move it to put his head on the floor and stick his butt in the air but I can never get a photo of it. 

All in all he is a great puppy. I am surprised at how quickly he is learning and growing. In two weeks we go back to the vet for his final shot. I will update you again then about his weight and growth. Kona is the perfect addition to our family.


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