My go to Basic Craft Tools


Crafting can quickly become a large hobby. By large I mean in size, price, and time. I love making new items and trying out new crafting techniques but that also means acquiring more supplies. I often get to the point in my craft room where it looks messy because I have so much supplies and not enough space.  So here I have compiled my go to basic craft tools. These are items I know to always have stocked and would make a great starter kit for any one who is just getting into crafting.

My Top 10 Essential Craft Tools

  1. Glue Gun: 
    I personally use a cooler temperature hot glue gun. I found it prevents me from burning my hands as much but it also dries faster allowing me to not hold onto the items as along. If you want to see the exact one I use go here.
  2. E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive
    This glue is amazing. It bonds to almost anything and has a very strong hold. I would recommend using this glue over hot glue if you have time to let it dry. It comes in several different forms here is one. I personally have it in liquid glue and as spray.
  3. Modpodge
    This is what I use when I need to seal something or for paper. I like to also use it when I am painting to add texture. The one good but also bad point about this is that it is cleaned up by water so when using it to seal items I always make sure to go over it with clear spray paint. This also comes in several forms I personally have the gloss finish.
  4. Good Scissors
    I buy scissors that are for sewing because they are always a lot sharper. I also like to have several sizes on hand. Personally the variety pack to be the best deal for me.
  5. X-acto knife
    This is one of my less used tools but when I need it I have it. I like this tool because you can change he blade when it gets dull and you don’t have to replace the whole tool.
  6. A Ruler
    Nothing to major or expensive. I have mine from when I had an art box for school. Just something to help with straight lines and measurements. If you think you are going to be doing a lot of paper crafting I would recommend a metal ruler. That way you can use it with your X-acto knife until you invest in a paper cutter.
  7. A Cutting Mat
    This could double as a ruler if you would like. I have several sizes of these. a large one that covers my entire sewing table. A medium size one like I have linked above which is great for covering other tables and a small one for traveling. A cutting mat not only protects my surfaces from cutting but marker bleed, paint, glue, and other craft supplies. It also is a great idea if you do not have a permanent crafting station. You could easily pick it up and relocate your crafting without having to worry about smudging the paint or wet surface.
  8. Writing utensils
    I have an old jar that I have a few pens and pencils stored in for easy reach. Nothing to fancy.
  9. Sketch paper
    Lately I have really like dotted paper when working with size drawings. I keep a bullet journal notebook close by to jot down notes and sketches. Any paper will do when I need to write something down quick I often use anything I can write on.
  10. Cheep Foam Brushes
    The cheeper the better. I use these with modpodge and just throw them away when I am finished. This is one item I keep finding new uses for and will always keep on hand.

There you have it my basic go to craft tools. They are all pretty inexpensive and can be found in most craft stores. If I were to throw together a travel craft bag most of these items would make it in there. The other nice thing is most of these items are going to last you a long time. So spending a little more money on good quality would be completely worth it.

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