Cheap and Easy Ceramic Tile Coaster

Hi everyone and happy Monday. This week we are starting off with a very simple DIY. This project requires very little crafting skills, money, or time. These coasters would make a great gift or the perfect addition to any room in the house that not only add a decor element but also serve a purpose.

Supplies needed:

To get started measure your tiles to determine the size to cut the paper. I chose to leave a boarder around my paper so the tile was visible but that is optional. I then used the back of an old note book to crate a stencil for all my coasters.

Once you have your measurements trace the stencil on your paper and cut.

Next apply a thin layer of mod-podge on the entire top surface of the tile and place down you piece of paper. If you don’t want to use scrap book paper you could easily use some news paper, wrapping paper, even temporary tattoos.

Use your ruler to press the paper down and remove and bubbles.

Wait about 15 to 20 minutes for your first layer of glue to dry and apply another layer of glue completely covering your paper or design element. Make sure to pay extra attention to the edged to prevent it from peeling off in the future.

Repeat the last step five more times allowing the glue to dry completely between coats.

Once you have all your layers of glue applied there should be a nice layer of protection over the paper. To fully seal the coaster spray two or three coats of clear spray paint on the coaster and allow it to dry completely.

By spray painting clear over the mod-podge you are creating another layer of protection so the glue will not be washed off by condensation when the coasters are used.

To finish your coasters apply a piece or felt or cork to the bottom of the coaster to protect the surface they will be sitting on. I bought the sticky back felt circles to easily peel and stick on all the corners of my coasters.

Thats all there is to it. This project is great to make for gifts or even to sell at craft shows. They would be so easy to personalize and add unique elements to. I would love to see how you make this project. If you make these be sure to tag me on Instagram or leave a picture in the comments below. Also make sure you follow me on Instagram to know when the next blog will be posted as well as on Youtube so you can see all the videos that go with my posts.

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